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How to Reuse your old Phone Cases

How to Reuse your old Phone Cases

How To Reuse Your Old Phone Cases And Covers 

Here are 8 Clever ways to reuse your old Phone Covers and Cases that are good for your wallet and environment friendly.

Belonging to the generation of smartphones users that love to upgrade when one is available means that there are alot of leftover phones and phone cases.

We know how tempting it is to see a new phone cover online or offline and splurging on it without even once thinking what will happen to that Phone Cover you’re already using. Poor chap feels so unwanted in your life.

Time to reuse your soon-to-be obsolete phone covers. Time to empty that drawer you’ve stacked with old phone covers. Now you can spare that bin once a new phone cover arrives. Show some love to your old phone cases. We’ll show you how ! (We bet your mom will love you for this).


  1. Nifty little tray to hold notives.


Protect your furniture by using an old phone cover as a tray for votive candles. Next time you plan a candle light dinner, you wont have to hunt for those expensive candle stands.

( has phone covers that are heat resistant.)

  1. Cute Coasters or Table decors



You could make use of two or more similar color/design phone cases as coasters to prevent your furniture from getting those stubborn marks.



Or and easy clean place to put your salt and pepper shakers.

(Buy cute and cheap coasters from if you need new ones)


  1. Business Car holder



One of the perfect ways to reuse your phone cases is to use them to stack your business cards on your desk/work space. Its super convenient and stylish.

  1. Notepad



Make a notepad by sticking Post-It on the inide of a phone cover and hanging a pen from the camera hole. Attach it next to your landline, fridge, door, desk, anywhere you need them to take quick notes.

  1. Luggage Tag

Travellers can use an old Phone case as a makeshift luggage tag. Just attach your business car or a name card on the inside and tag it your luggage. Cute and quirky, no?


  1. Soap Tray


 Because of the hole for the camera, an old phone covers makes a great tray for soaps and sponges. Its handy, cheap and drains straight into the sink.

  1. Ring Tray


Next time you’re travelling, dont forget to pack an old phone cover in your luggage. Its a saviour if you are like me who always leaves things behind in the room, and definitely needs something to keep small things tidy.

  1. Furniture Protector:



Next time you have a rocking table, just place an old iphone cover beneath the leg, instead of using cardboards or magazines to make it stable.

Even while shifting furniture, old phone covers make a great coaster to prevent your floor from scratching.

Be Awara wants to take an initiative to not only bring to you some awesome fashion and lifestyle products but also share knowledge about reusing old ones. We understand the environment impact that these plastic objects have on us and therefore, the Wastehaters that we are, work our brains hard on getting you alternative uses for the same. Visit for more cool ideas !

 The aesthetically pleasing nature of the cases makes them a viable option for almost any decoration, and their durability allows them to be used in all practical functions mentioned above.

Hope you had fun reading this. Do try them and share them with us on our Instagram page : be.awara and get a chance to get featured on our page. Dont forget to Be Stylish, Be Crazy, Be Awara !!


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