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Top 5 Most Expensive Cities Around The World

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities Around The World

Where do you reside ?

Ever thought what its like to live in some of the most expensive cities around the world ?

Let us give you a short explanation on some of the most expensive cities to live around the world.

1. Monaco 

Monaco is a very small city to explore but to live there is a big deal. Its around 2 square kilometers and its magnificence is nothing but luxury. The mini country is located in France's Mediterranean Coast and is home to 40,000 people.

Famous residents include Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, tennis star Novak Djokovic and Lady Tina Green, wife of British retail billionaire Sir Philip Green.The combination of pleasant warm weather every month and a period packed with high profile events like Grand Prix makes the city more attractive.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city where tourists come around the world on a short vacay to enjoy and relax. However, the residents who are actually living there complains about shifting to other country because of its high cost of living. Its very difficult for middle class families to survive.

Although, Hong Kong is close to many beautiful parts of asia which are comparatively very cheap to Hong Kong. So why not visit those places. Hong Kong is good for tourism or short vacation but living there is little expensive.

3. London 

London is always among the list of expensive cities. According to the latest survey in 2019 London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. the average cost of living in London for a family is around $ 5000 and for a student is around $2000 including house rent, food, transportation, electricity, kid school fee and other expenses.

One Night Out in London and half your bank balance is vanished. Many people who plans to shift for study or work in London lives around 3-4 hrs far from the main city to cost-cut expenses. Living in proper London is too expensive for most people.

4. New York

If you love being around crowded people and chaos, then New York is the city for you. Many people wants to live in New York because of its happening nature and emerging opportunities provided to individuals who wants to prosper in life.Living in a small sized apartment can cost you a fortune.The Rent is too damn high. Food is also expensive.

Be prepared to shell out hard earned money to live through. Uber or even New York's taxi is too expensive, you will be charged a very high amount for even shorter distances. If you are living far from your office or college/school God help you! Living alone in New York is out of question until you have lined up a decent full time or part time job for yourself.

5. SIngapore

People who have been to Singapore for a short vacation or business trip have often come to a conclusion that things are expensive there. It basically depends on which part of the city you are living but more or less things still get pretty over priced in Singapore. 

Renting an apartment is too expensive. Even a small shoe box sized apartment will cost you too damn high. Property obviously costs a fortune there. A normal outsider will find it difficult to survive unless he is working somewhere or an outsider student will have to do a part time job to meet his living requirements. 

Transport commutes are also over priced as compared to some other cities in Asia. Singapore is also know as one of the cleanest cities around the world. The rules and regulations in Singapore are very strict making it a little and crime free city.

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