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Top 5 Epic PC Games Which Are A Must Play

Top 5 Epic PC Games Which Are A Must Play

Since the invention of MS DOS, windows, PS Etc, we have been through a transition in this never ending crave of getting deep into storylines. First of all, a huge hatsoff to the script writers, who has given us some of the amazingly insane gaming story lines to talk about and make a mark in the world of gaming.

Let's talk about some of the top gaming story plots that were actually jaw dropping no matter on which medium you have played.

1) Mafia

The game resembles open world gameplay like Grand Theft Auto. Mafia game is set in a fictional city at USA in the year 1930. It's about the protagonist Tommy Angelo, a cab driver, who acts as the demolition medium in rivalry between two famous gangs the Salieri's and the Morello. After helping the Salieris in an escape, Tommy Angelo becomes a trusted member of the Salieri's and he gets commission on small jobs. However, Tommie and his friend, goes for a heist, at the back of Salieri, which makes him infuriated. Salieri, sends his men to kill Tommy, surviving the battle, Salieri and his thugs were put into country jail forever. Tommy after taking retirement, stays with his family, after a few years, he is killed by one of Salieri's men (Mafia 2).

2) Farcry 3

A first person shooter game,from November 2012. Jason Brody is on vacation with a group of friends in the fictional Rook Islands. However, on a skydiving trip, they land on a pirate-infested island and are kidnapped by pirate lord Vaas Montenegro, who plans to sell them into slavery. Jason escapes with help from his older brother, who is killed by Vaas. Jason is rescued by Dennis, who is an adopted member of the islands' native Rakyat tribe. Jason undertakes a series of missions, rescuing his friends one by one. In the middle of the game,Jason is introduced to Citra ( the queen of Rakyat) and brother of Vaas. They are willing to retake the island, and make use of Jason, as he is a fearless fighter. Jason kills Vaas, kills the druglord  with the help of CIA agent. However(plot twist), all of Jason's friends were kidnapped by Citra, as she wanted to keep Jason, and marry her (or whatsoever) so as to have a powerful generation of Rakyat. On refusing her proposal, Dennis, tries to kill Jason with a dagger, which unfortunately gets pierced onto Citra. And the game gets over with cutscene. 

3) Grand Theft Auto 4

We all gotto agree, in terms of graphics and detail GTA 5 is way ahead of this point, however if you love stories, excitements and a serious gamer putting your emotions while playing, then this game is for you. As we all know, GTA series is all about, do whatever you want kind of a concept, where you get to drive anything, you do some outings, you date someone etc etc. But this game has got an additional sticky storyline, that will make you want to play again. The protagonist is a war veteran, Niko Bellic, new to the fictitious Liberty City, faces a Russian Mafia Dimitri, who is killed at the end. 

4) Life Is Strange

Welcome to the world of life is strange, where your decisions can cause an impact on the story line of the entire game. The game focuses on versatile story, a teenager who has the superpower to reverse the time, to a significant period. No, this game is not at all onto magic or anything, it has got to interact with lot of friends in high school, interact with each and every object, take pictures (as per your wish), and the most important thing, choose your dialogues wisely!!! 

The game has been divided into 5 major episodes, and I won't be giving you spoilers here. Just if you still have not played this, it is a must buy game, for those who loves decision making game with plenty of emotions that might make you cry. Due to it's wild huge success, Square Enix have also released Life is Strange 2 with a similar way of exploring gameplay. 

5) Watch Dogs

An action adventure open world game with an intense hacking option! The main character of Watch Dogs, Aiden is an incredibly skilled hacker. Using just his phone, Aiden can quickly get into bank accounts, hack into the security feeds of buildings, or even shut down the power of entire city blocks.Aiden Pearce loses his niece in a brutal car crash. He realizes that it was not an accident, it was a murder. Using his hacking skills, you blow up pipes, hack communication systems and inevitably fight a system called ctOS, which controls the city of Chicago. Using his hacking skills, he finally reaches the point, where he is able to decide the fate of the villain Brenk, who was also responsible for nabbing Aiden's sister in his hideout. 

Hence, here were some of the epic pc/ps games that are actually worth exploring several times. While reading this out, you might feel like grabbing some of our indigenous gaming Tees and mobile covers. 



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